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Plénitude Découverte organises hikes in the Alps. This mountain range spans France, Italy, Switzerland and other European countries from the Mediterranean to the Danube. The treks and hikes organised by Plénitude Découverte mainly cover the western part of the range in France, mostly in the Briançon, Queyras, Champsaur, Dévoluy and Vercors areas. These areas offer stunning natural landscapes (flora, fauna, geological features, etc.) and exceptional historical and cultural sites that can be observed during the hikes, tours and treks organised by Plénitude Découverte.

Olan, sommet des Alpes, Ecrins
Hikes in the Alps. Olan, Ecrins
Cartes Alpes
Map of the Alps
Cabane dans le Dévoluy
Alps, Dévoluy
Cadran Solaire Valsenestre
Sundial, Valsenestre
Hellébore Fétide
Flower, Hellébore Fétide
Marmotte des Alpes
Marmot, Alps

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