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Plénitude Découverte organises hikes in the Pyrenees. This mountain range lies between northern Spain and south-west France, running from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean. Its western edge gradually converges with the Cantabrian mountains (where Plénitude Découverte also organises tours in the Picos de Europa range). The Pyrenees offer outstanding natural landscapes and historical and cultural sites that can be observed during the hikes, tours and treks organised by Plénitude Découverte, mainly in the western part of the mountain range.

Trek et randonnée Pyrénées
Hikes in the Pyrenees
Carte des Pyrénées
Map of the Pyrenees
Isard, Pyrénées
Isard, Pyrenees
Berger, Pyrénées
Shepherd, Pyrenees
Grande Soldanelle, flore
Flower, Pyrenees
Marmot, Pyrenees

Discover the Pyrenees

Natural landscapes

The Pyrenees mountain range can be compared to an island surrounded by plains (to the north in France), plateaux (to the south in Spain), the Atlantic Ocean (to the west) and the Mediterranean (to the east). This geographical isolation means the Pyrenees are home to a large number of endemic species such as the Pyrenean chamois, the ), the ramonda myconi (Pyrenean violet), etc. Many of these endemic species can be observed during our hikes in the Pyrenees, where you will be surrounded by this amazing natural environment.

Cultural heritage

Man has inhabited the Pyrenees for thousands of years, and the region features an extremely varied and vast . Visitors are enthralled by the architecture, pastoral traditions and toponymy found in each valley. You guide will explain the region’s cultural heritage to you.

Videos of hikes

Tours available